Online Supplier of Generic & Branded Life Saving Medicines in China

China is one of the world’s largest pharma market. China’s population growth and increasing medical needs make it the world’s biggest producer and supplier of pharmaceutical ingredients. Drugssquare is a self-motivated and fast-emerging pharmaceutical company, has started its business in China since 2010. We are amongst one of the well-reckoned online suppliers of a wide range of generic & branded medicines in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei, Lhasa, Handan, Taiyuan and so on. The company has introduced a unique way to optimize and improve outcomes for patients, physicians and hospitals. Our comprehensive quality control measures make our product unique and help us to cope with the challenging market demands. In addition, the buyer of the company varies from small to medium and large size, and the export house is well equipped for processing orders of all kinds for all known diseases and ailments. From Antibiotics to Antocoagulants, Hepatitis to Arthritis, HIV / AIDS to Cancer and many other diseases, the medication offered by Drugssquare proved to be the most effective for everyone.

With its distribution network, logistics infrastructure and supply chain management, the company has reached the majority of China’s customers. Our product managing team performs a rigorous quality and packaging check before dispatching the products to the respective destinations. With a timely response and an effective sales support, we always strive for the good health of our patients.